Stockton CA

Recycling Center Stockton, CA

TKO Recycling Center is located at 2803 S. Frontage Rd. Hwy 99 Stockton, CA 95215

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TKO Recycling Center in Stockton, CA is located on the Frontage Rd.  West of Hwy 99 and South E. Mariposa Rd.

Recycling Center in Stockton CA


TKO Recycling Center in Stockton, CA can handle all of your recycling needs.


At TKO Recycling Center in Stockton, CA we conveniently serve the following communities: Stockton, Lyoth, French Camp, Linden, Manteca, Victor, Lathrop, Holt, Lodi, Lockeford, Escalon, Woodbridge, Ripon, Acampo, Salida, Clements, Modesto, Tracy, Riverbank, Wallace and Burson California.

At TKO Recycling Center in Stockton we accept:

Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Ferrous Metals, Tin, Prepared Iron, Unprepared Iron, Stainless Steel, Auto Batteries, Auto Parts, Motors, Insulated Wire, Cable, Radiators, TV’s, Monitors, Car Wheels, Electronic Motors, Fittings, Water Heaters, Appliances, Microwaves, Blenders, E-Waste. ALL TANKS AND BARRELS MUST BE CUT IN HALF!

We do not take fluids, window glass, fabrics, rubber, or regular plastics.

Recycling Locations:

TKO Recycling has several recycling center locations for all your recycling needs. We are one of the area’s largest recycling centers. At TKO Recycling, we provide quick service, getting our customers in and out within 30 minutes. We look forward to serving you at one of the recycling locations near you.

Please come by and see us!!!

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